To Live Iznik’s magnificent nature step by step...

You have to experience the feeling of wandering around the unexplored mysterious with bird calls or Iznik’s nature where Evliya Chalabi nicely put as “the place where 5 season takes place”. You will relieve your tiredness by sometimes walking through the orchards, sometimes passing in front of a village coffee, drinking water from the village fountain or sometimes sipping a tea brewed on a wood fire.


Trekking Materials:

Walking poles: 3-staged, 70 cm in length when closed, 135 cm. when opened, telescopic, ergonomic grip, thermo material, winter, protection and can be assembled according to the pointed use of tungsten-tipped suited to pointed use, hand strapped, (perlon) light poles.

Water Bottle - Thermos: An odorless, fenced, insulated, half-liter water bottle / thermos

Bag: 30 liters within 700 gram backpack with non-sweating hard back system, the pocket with zipper on the outer front surface, with map pockets, adjustable back straps.

İznik'in eşsiz coğrafyasını keşfetmek için, ister tarihin en eski yollarında (İpek Yolu, Evliya Çelebi Yolu..vs) isterseniz de, sadece çok az insanın bildiği, saklı cennetlerin içinden geçen yollarda olsun, güvenle ve doğa ile iç içe dolaşabilmek için gerekli malzemeler sizin hizmetinizdedir. Aşağıda listesi verilen malzemelere ilaveten rota önerilerimiz, gruplar için bir çift telsiz ve GPS de isteğinize göre hizmetinize sunulmaktadır.

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About Us is designed by nature lover people who aim to live İznik with its nature and beauty and share this with other people. The project is supported by BEBKA (Bursa Eskisehir Bilecik Development Agency).

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